Cadhay Feature in Country Life

Cadhay has had another encouraging year with guests in the house almost every weekend of the
year. We had a full complement of weddings and the gardens again looked spectacular managing to
withstand the unusually fabulous August weather. The number of visitors on open days was well ahead
of last year with the team of three guides often having to do a second tour during the afternoon.

The Library was given a substantial facelift at the beginning of the year and the portraits of Sugar
Plum and Barton William-Powlett are now lit by LED picture lights. Similar treatment was given
to the Powlett bedroom above with the best of the marine paintings being lit and the addition of
another painting of a Dutch boat by Jock Wilson. A number of picture frames in the house have been
restored including Sir Isaac Newton and Barton.

English Heritage has now carried out an inspection of both the House and its contents and it was very
impressive to have so much expertise present at Cadhay. The report on the house was favourable
and relatively few problems were identified with the contents.

The Cadhay gardens featured in the 18th May edition of Country Life. There were seven pages with excellent photographs by Val Corbett and text by Tim Longville after detailed discussion
with Dave who features strongly in the article. It concludes that ‘The house will always be the star,
but the garden is now an appropriate backdrop’.

We have received so many favourable comments either to me or in the visitor books or questionnaires
and it is wonderful to know that the way in which the House, cottages and gardens have sparkled
this year has been so well appreciated and a great compliment to the huge number of people who
work here and make it all possible.