Cadhay Newsletter – Winter 2020 / 2021

Private Houses for Weddings East Devon

The Coronavirus outbreak has ensured that it has been a disappointing year at Cadhay as we have had to cancel all our weddings and almost all the bookings for the main house. Cadhay is all about large but intimate gatherings and this is precisely what the Covid regulations aim to stop. However, things did look up towards the end of the year as we had a last minute wedding for a couple who needed to bring their wedding with 30 guests forward a week to comply with regulations. We also managed to secure a grant from the Culture Recovery Fund for Heritage to help us divide the house in two and having made the split we managed to get a Winter let for the whole house. The cottages were available to guests from the middle of July and were booked out solidly as people struggled to find good holiday locations in the UK……

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